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Once I was sitting at a convention table promoting That Which Wills, the first story of which being outright gay erotica. Sometimes when guys pick it up they either put it down straightaway like their hands have been burned, or act like they’re holding a baby upside down. Then up comes the biggest dudebro to ever dudebro with his dudebro friend, and my expectations were very low when they picked up the book.

"Oh, hello!" He starts laughing when he turns to one of the sexier pages. "They look like they’re having fun." And proceeds to keep reading.

His friend rolls his eyes and comments he didn’t know mr dudebro was into that sort of thing, to which dudebro snorts back. “Why do I have to be into anything? Gay people exist in real life so it makes fucking sense they should exist in stories, dude?”

He ended up reading half of the book, chatted happily with me about the characters, bought it, shook my hand, and went on his merry way.

It’s something I remember from time to time because it’s an example of how uncomplicated it should really be.


It looks SO UPSET lmao

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My girlfriend did a test makeup on me for Bon from Blue Exorcist yesterday! Seeing as I had the hair for it lol—OH YEAH I HAVE A MOHAWK NOW GUYS AHAHA.




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